Santa Cruz Clothing is based in Santa Cruz California, a place where the ocean meets meets the mountains, and is known for its positive impactful culture.

Out of this assembly of natural elements and positivity came the healing impulses of Holistic Veterans through the Texas-born Navy veteran Paul Damon.

Founded in 2015, Paul created Holistic Veterans to encourage and support veterans and their families in finding their healing path through various traditional and nontraditional healing modalities including yoga, herbalism, breath-work, natural foods, and more. Evolution through applied effort became the mantra.

The Holistic Militia line was created as a symbol of natural health and healing through community engagement and service. 

For The Love Of The Land, is an original Santa Cruz Band -

With African inspired percussion dancing around the driving beat of rock drums and funky bass, an electrified World variety of instruments including flute and sax guides the ensemble into a rhythmic dream. Accompanied by powerful charging vocals, For The Love Of The Land weaves melody, harmony, and danceable beats into a night to remember.



Paul grew up in Texas, bringing his Lone Star State take-no-shit ferocity with him throughout his varied and layered life. He joined the Navy out of high school and learned what it was to travel the world, lead teams, and gather useful perspective through both hands-on and worldly experience.

After the Navy, he spent a decade hustling, playing music, trying on different career hats, and ultimately finding his body and spirit giving out on him. Exhausted and debilitated on all levels, he hit rock bottom and flew to Costa Rica to end his life.

In the jungle he found himself, and over the next decade he relentlessly explored healing modalities and consciousness expanding tools so that he could heal himself as well as help others on their own healing paths.

Paul is now working on bringing more music to the world with his band For The Love Of The Land as well as channeling his creativity into various outlets for healing and transformation.